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Registration Service is a website that offers various registration services in Kota. We are a panel of CA, CS and CMA in Kota to provide best consultancy services as per your business requirements. Our affordable services includes company registration, LLP registration, GST registration, GST returns, trademark registration, Income tax return filing, ESI registration, ESI returns, PF registration, PF returns, and other compliance guidance. Our aimed to be your partner on the path to turning your business dreams into reality.We provide best services to our clients in affordable values. Our goal to contribute to the efficient and sustainable growth of your business. At, We are your partners in success, working with you to turn your business dreams into reality.

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Company Registration

One person company
@4,999/- + Actual cost

Empowering Dreams, Embracing Solitude: Your OPC Journey, Legally Defined

Private limited company
@4,999/- + actual cost

Foundation of Excellence, Bound by Trust: Crafting a Future through Legal Incorporation

Public Limited company
@4,999/- + actual cost

Public Prowess, Legal Precision: Weaving Dreams into the Fabric of Corporate Excellence

Producer company
@4,999/- + actual cost

Growing Together, Harvesting Success: Your Partner in Farm Prosperity

NGO - section 8 company
@4,999/- + actual cost

Heartfelt Commitment, Lasting Impact: Empowering Lives through our Section 8 Journey

Limited Liability Partnership

Unleashing Synergy, Securing Success: Your Journey with LLP Excellence

To proceed for Company / LLP Registration need some documents-

Kickstart your entrepreneurial journey in Kota with hassle-free Company Registration in Kota provided by Our local Kota experts guide you through the entire process, ensuring your business is legally established. We’ll handle all the paperwork for Company Registration in Kota, from name approval to document preparation, so you can focus on turning your business idea into a reality.

Income Tax

Salary Return 999/-

Elevate Your Financial Finesse: Streamlined Solutions for Salary ITR Returns

Business Return 1499/-

Empowering Growth, Ensuring Compliance: Your Business, Your ITR Success Story

Share market Return 1999/-

Navigating Markets, Maximizing Returns: Unleash Your Share Market Potential with Confidence

Ensure timely and accurate tax filing with hassle-free Income Tax Return filing in Kota offered by Our Kota-based experts understand the nuances of local regulations and will guide you through the entire Income Tax Return filing in Kota process. We’ll ensure your return is submitted correctly and on time, minimizing the risk of errors and penalties.


GST registration @1,500/-

Simplify Compliance, Amplify Success: Your Journey Begins with Effortless GST Registration

GST Return 850/- per month

Simplified Compliance, Amplified Confidence: Your GST Returns, Our Expertise

To proceed for GST need some documents-

Streamline your tax compliance and unlock growth opportunities with GST Registration in Kota facilitated by Our Kota-based experts handle the entire process, ensuring your business adheres to GST regulations. We’ll guide you through GST Registration in Kota, prepare all necessary documents, and answer any questions you have. This allows you to focus on running your business and reaching new customers across India.

Provident Fund ( PF ) Registration

PF Registration 3,499/-

Secure Tomorrows, Today: Provident Fund Registration, Your Gateway to Employee Well-being

PF Return 999/- per month

Precision in Provident Fund: Monthly Returns, Your Commitment to Employee Financial Wellness

To proceed for PF need some documents-

Simplify employee benefits and ensure PF compliance with PF Registration in Kota facilitated by Our Kota-based experts streamline the PF Registration in Kota process, taking care of document preparation. This ensures your business offers retirement savings options to employees, reducing administrative burden and fostering a positive work environment. Plus, you’ll be guaranteed compliance with all PF regulations in Kota.

ESI Registration

ESI Registration 3499/-

ESI Registration: Safeguarding Health, Empowering Workforces for a Prosperous Tomorrow

ESI Return 999/- per month

ESI Monthly Return, Online and On Point: Seamlessly Navigating Employee Health and Compliance

To proceed for ESI need some documents-

Empower your employees and ensure compliance with hassle-free ESI Registration in Kota offered by Our local Kota experts simplify the entire process. We’ll guide you through the ESI Registration in Kota steps online, handle document preparation, and provide expert support. This ensures your business offers healthcare and financial benefits to employees while meeting all ESI regulations in Kota.


Digital Signature certificate 999/-

Precision in Every Pixel, Trust in Every Byte: Crafting Digital Signature Certificates for a Secure Tomorrow

Digital Signature Certificate 2499/-

Empowering Security, One Signature at a Time: Crafting Digital Signature and Encryption Certificates for a Digital Future

To proceed for Digital Signature need some documents-

Secure your online transactions and streamline digital signing with a hassle-free DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) in Kota facilitated by Our network of partners ensures you get the right DSC in Kota for your needs. We’ll guide you through the application process and answer any questions you have, allowing you to focus on conducting secure business online.

Trademark ( TM ) Registration

Trademark application filling 6499/-

Guarding Your Identity, Filling Trademarks with Precision and Purpose

Reply of examination report

Navigating Challenges, Crafting Solutions: Your Examination Report Reply, Precision in Progress.

To proceed for Trademark need some documents-

Protect your brand identity and build trust with Trademark Registration in Kota offered by Our Kota-based experts guide you through the entire process, ensuring your unique brand is legally protected. We’ll conduct a thorough search for potential conflicts, handle document preparation, and assist you with the Trademark Registration in Kota application. This safeguards your brand against infringement and empowers you to build a strong reputation in the Kota market.

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