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GST (Goods and Services Tax) is a comprehensive indirect tax that was introduced in India on July 1, 2017. It replaced a complex structure of multiple indirect taxes, such as central excise duty, service tax, value-added tax (VAT), and others. GST is designed to simplify the tax system, reduce cascading effects (tax on tax), and create a unified and transparent tax regime.

What are the threshold limits for mandatory GST registration in India?
The threshold limit for mandatory GST registration in India is based on the aggregate turnover of a business. It’s important to note that these thresholds are subject to change, and you should check the latest updates on the official GST portal or consult with a tax professional for the most current information. Here are the threshold limits:

For Goods (Regular Category)Businesses involved in the supply of goods are required to register for GST if their aggregate turnover exceeds Rs. 40 lakhs in a financial year.
For Goods (Special Category States)For businesses operating in special category states threshold limit is Rs. 20 lakhs.
For ServicesBusinesses providing services must register for GST if their aggregate turnover exceeds Rs. 20 lakhs in a financial year.

It’s important to note that certain categories of businesses are required to register for GST regardless of their turnover. These include:
1. Casual taxable persons and non-resident taxable persons
2. Agents of a supplier
3. Input service distributors
4. E-commerce operators
5. Persons supplying goods or services on behalf of other registered taxable persons 
Additionally, voluntary registration is also allowed for businesses that do not meet the threshold limits. They can choose to register voluntarily if they wish to avail the benefits of input tax credit.

To proceed for the GST registration need some documents:
1. Scanned copy of the Photo of the Applicant.
2. Scanned copy of the Pan card of the Applicant.
3. Scanned copy of the Aadhar Card of the Applicant.
4. Scanned copy of the legal ownership document /Electricity bill of the Business premises.
5. Scanned copy of the Rent agreement/consent letter from the owner of the premises.

What is the process for GST registration for Normal Taxpayer?
Part A – Registration Application:
1. Visit the GST portal ( and go to Services > Registration > New Registration.
2. Select “Taxpayer” as the type of taxpayer.
3. Choose the state/UT and district for registration.
4. Enter the legal name of the business, PAN, email address, and mobile number.
5. Enter the captcha and click “PROCEED.”
6. Verify OTPs received on mobile and email.
7. Obtain the Temporary Reference Number (TRN) and proceed.

Part B – Registration Application:
8. Enter TRN and captcha, click “PROCEED.”
9. Verify OTPs received on mobile and email.
10. Access the “My Saved Application” page.
11. Edit the application within 15 days to avoid purging.

The Registration Application form with various tabs is displayed. On the top of the page, there are ten tabs as: 
Business Details:
This tab captures essential information about the business, including its legal name, trade name (if any), constitution (e.g., proprietorship, partnership), principal place of business, commencement date, and bank account details.
Promoter/ Partners: In this tab, you provide details about the promoters or partners of the business. This includes their names, addresses, and PAN details. This section is relevant for partnership firms and LLPs.
Authorized Signatory: Here, you specify the person authorized to sign GST returns and other documents on behalf of the business. Details such as name, address, and PAN of the authorized signatory are required.
Authorized Representative: If the business has an authorized representative, their details are entered here. An authorized representative is someone appointed by the taxpayer to represent them in matters related to GST.
Principal Place of Business: This tab focuses on the primary location where the business operates. It includes details of the principal place of business, such as the address and contact information.
Additional Places of Business: If the business has additional branches or locations, the details of these places are provided in this tab. It includes the addresses and other relevant information for each additional place of business.
Goods and Services: In this section, a brief description of the goods and/or services offered by the business is provided. This information helps in classifying the business under the appropriate GST rate.
State-Specific Information: Certain details specific to the state in which the business operates are entered here. This can include details related to the specific nature of business activities conducted in that state.
Aadhaar Authentication: Aadhaar authentication is an optional step where the Aadhaar details of the primary authorized signatory or promoter can be provided for verification purposes and 
Verification: This is the final step where the applicant verifies the information provided in the application. The declaration and authorization for the submission of the application are done in this tab.

Click each tab to enter the details.

In conclusion, the Goods and Services Tax (GST) registration process is a crucial step for businesses operating in India, marking a significant shift in the taxation landscape. GST registration not only facilitates compliance with tax regulations but also enables businesses to avail themselves of the benefits offered under the GST regime. It promotes transparency, streamlines tax processes, and contributes to the overall ease of doing business in the country. In embracing GST registration, businesses not only fulfill their legal obligations but also position themselves for greater efficiency, transparency, and participation in the dynamic Indian economy.” services include helping you with GST registration in Kota, GST returns filing in Kota, ensuring compliance with GST regulations, and offering advice on navigating the complexities of the tax system. Essentially, our role contributes to ensuring that your businesses adhere to GST requirements, optimize their tax liabilities, and operate smoothly within the framework of the GST system.

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